Dental Implants in Atlanta, GA

Goldstein Dental Center Provides Implant Dentistry Services to Atlanta-Area Patients

Missing teeth can impact the way you eat, talk, and how you feel about your appearance. Many times the dentures we use to replace teeth are unreliable and might not stay put when you need them the most. If you find yourself wishing you had a more permanent option to replace your teeth, a dental implant might be an excellent choice for you.

Dental implants are reliable, permanent, comfortable, natural-looking and feeling, and, most importantly, low maintenance. When searching for an experienced implant dentist in the Atlanta area, look no further than Goldstein Dental Center. At Goldstein Dental Center, we have skilled, certified dentist dedicated to creating beautiful smiles and promoting self-confidence–the kind that only a new look can provide.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants replace your teeth’s roots. If you are missing teeth, you first need to prepare a secure foundation for their replacements in order to ensure their durability, strength, and most natural appearance. Your dental implant will be placed in the bone beneath your missing tooth. Once your jawbone heals around your implant, you will have a firm foundation for replacing your tooth permanently.

What Does Implant Dentistry Involve?

The state of your current teeth must first be examined, which may involve an x-ray. The pros and cons of fixed or removable teeth will also be discussed once your implants are secure and healed. Molds of your teeth will be made, photos taken and, if needed, CAT SCAN imaging will be performed to ensure our team designs implants that are crafted specifically for your mouth.

On the day of the implant procedure, local or general anesthesia will administer to the area to ensure maximal comfort. Your implant will be placed within the jawbone in the area of your missing tooth. Your new tooth will then be connected to the implant via a small connector post to guarantee that it is secure. Your new teeth will function the same as your other teeth, so you will care for them as you do the others. Don’t be afraid to show off your new and improved smile!

Why Choose Atlanta’s Goldstein Dental Center for Your Dental Implants?

Dental implants require craftsmanship and skill to create the firm foundation your teeth need. While many Atlanta area dentists offer dental implants, few have mastered the art of implant dentistry like Atlanta’s very own Dr. Goldstein. At Goldstein Dental Center we are proud to be Certified Dentist with extensive training in dental implants treatment.

We are pleased to offer dental implants in Atlanta as well as the Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, and Chastain neighborhoods. Please contact the Goldstein Center for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry if you are interested in dental implants, or any other cosmetic dental treatments offered at Goldstein Dental Center.

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All on 4 Dental Implant Tooth Replacement

The All on 4 implant concept has been shown to be a successful replacement for almost any person missing or needing to remove all of their upper or lower teeth. Where you choose to have the procedures done is the most important choice you can make. Who is the quarterback, the Prosthodontist, leading your team of implant surgeon and laboratory technicians that will ultimately be responsible for your successful results?

Who: Dr. Cary Goldstein, considered by many to be Atlanta’s dentist, is a Prosthodontist, trained at the University of Southern California. Experienced in implant reconstruction for over 30 years, he has developed a team of surgeons and laboratory technicians that are world class.

What: We often suggest that our All on 4, become an All on 5 or 6. Why is this? Implants must heal within your body to be successful, in fact, dental implants have shown a 97 to 98% success rate. But, if one of the All on 4 implants fails, then the entire project fails! Therefore, our team highly recommends the addition of 1 to 2 extra implants for that “just in case” situation. We prefer to give you all of the information so that you can become an educated consumer and a partner in your treatment.

Why: Please be aware that many options are available for this complex procedure. Do not be fooled. The aspects of surgical planning, growing bone, surgical technique, and use of state-of-the- art current modalities that must be adhered to for success will differ no matter which office you seek care from. At our center, we only use reputable implant brands. They may not be the least expensive, but you can be assured of their testing and clinical use. Our Atlanta laboratories never source out their craftwork overseas. We are a “Made in America” institution.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

How Much: Dental care of this caliber is unique. Your concierge doctor and his team are available when you need them. Due to the individual nature of your specific needs, the investment will be determined after your initial complimentary consult.

We have numerous financing options, insurance, and a savings plan that our team will be happy to discuss with you, should you wish. Please give our office a call to learn more.