Dental Bridges in Atlanta, GA



These are very similar to their namesake on our roads. We use two or more good teeth to restore a missing tooth. The teeth on both sides of the missing tooth are “ground” down to pegs and the bridge is made to fit over the pegs and hold a tooth in the missing space.

These bridges are usually made of a metal frame and covered with tooth-colored porcelain. Recent advances have allowed dentists (in limited situations) to make bridges with either all ceramic or all resin.

Maryland Bridges

The Maryland Bridge is a conservative alternative to the conventional bridge. There is less tooth structure removed for these bridges, and the front part of your teeth is usually saved.

All Porcelain or All Resin

These two types of bridges are very aesthetic. They look great. Since they have no metal substructure or all resin materials, they are often weaker than other bridges. If you want the best aesthetics and are willing to be extra careful with your teeth, this style may be for you.