Goldstein Dental Savings Plan

For our patients without insurance, we are excited to offer the Goldstein Dental Savings Plan. Your entire family is eligible. You may enroll your spouse and eligible dependents (unmarried children up to age 19 and full-time students up to age 23).
Patients who participate in the Goldstein Dental Savings Plan experience:Screen-Shot-2015-10-23-at-10.46.53-AM

  • No yearly maximum or deductible
  • No claims to fill out or to submit
  • No limitations for pre-existing conditions
  • No waiting for treatment
  • Discounted dental fees
  • No wondering what insurance will pay toward your treatment
  • No exclusions on treatment (even cosmetic services are included)
  • No fighting with insurance companies to pay on claims

There are no ID cards. All of your membership information will be kept in your electronic record. Your effective date is the day you sign up.

What the Goldstein Dental Savings Plan includes per year:

  • Two (2) oral hygiene visits (cleanings)
  • Two (2) doctor exams at your cleanings
  • Two (2) fluoride applications
  • Needed x-rays at cleanings (bitewings or FMX)
  • 15% discount on any other dental services at Goldstein Dental Center

Annual premiums for the Goldstein Dental Saving Plan:

Single – $395 per year
Additional family members – $375 each per year
Enroll in Auto Renewal and receive 5% off next year’s premium

This is not an insurance program, and the Goldstein Dental Center is not a licensed insurer, health maintenance organization or underwriter of health services. The Goldstein Dental Savings Plan fees must be paid at the time of service. Any services not paid in full at the time of service will be billed at our regular rates, with no discount. Valid for one full year from date of sign-up.

This plan is NON-Transferable. Family members cannot be substituted.
This plan is NON-Refundable.
Rates and benefits are subject to change annually.
Payments are due at time of service.
This offer cannot be combined with other offers.
For orthodontic or other long-term treatment plans, a patient must remain a plan participant for the entire duration of the treatment.