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Emergency Dental Care in Atlanta, GA

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Are you in dental pain and need to see a dentist immediately? At the Goldstein Dental Center, we offer same day appointments for patients in pain. Dental pain could be one of several things– listed below in their order of urgency:

  • Dental Infection or Abscess: This is the most urgent dental emergency. If acute infections are not addressed in an appropriate amount of time, the infection can spread to other areas of the head and neck. At the first signs of infection, come into the dental office. Usual treatments for infections include draining of the infection, tooth removal, root canal, and antibiotics. If you notice acute swelling around your face or neck, please call the office immediately. If the swelling is severe and the office is closed, you should go to the emergency room to get evaluated.
  • Tooth Knocked Out: Getting your tooth knocked out is an emergency situation that requires immediate treatment and action. The best action to take before getting to the dentist is to stick the tooth back into the socket and lightly bite on a towel to hold the tooth in. A less efficacious alternative is to place the tooth in a container with milk or your own saliva. Immediate dental treatment is needed – at the Goldstein Dental Center, we will even meet you after hours to ensure survival of the tooth. Do not delay contacting us, as timing is everything.
  • Toothache: A toothache can be caused by a variety of different reasons. Some of the causes of the pain are more urgent than others. No matter the reason, it is always best to get in to see the dentist to determine the cause.
  • Broken Tooth: A tooth can break while eating or grinding your teeth. Broken teeth often occur when patients eat nuts, ice, or other hard foods. Broken teeth can be very painful and can lead to further problems, such as infection, if not treated quickly. A small chip in a tooth can usually be fixed with a simple filling, but a more major break can sometimes require a crown or root canal.
  • Loose Crown or Dental Filling: When a crown or filling feels loose, it is important to come get them checked out before they fall out. If a crown fall offs, keep the crown in a safe place and bring it to your dental appointment. Usually, we can re-cement the crown with no need to remake the restoration. If a filling falls out, the filling usually needs to be replaced. The quicker you come in after a lost crown or filling, the easier it is for the restoration to be remade.

Treatment varies with each dental emergency, but will almost always include x-rays and performing a full exam of the emergency. A proper course of action will always be discussed with the patient. Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Wait are very experienced in dealing with these emergencies and will make the experience as comfortable as possible.