Dental Health

Your First Dental Visit

Many of our patients choose our office to have their teeth cleanings and then an exam by one of our dentists. During this visit we will access the health of your teeth and gums, listen to your concerns and help you to understand any needed therapy you may need. Our hygienists are amazing and passionate […]

Teeth Bleaching Sensitivity

Bleaching teeth is known to cause sensitivity. This happens since the “bleach” must penetrate the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) before it bleaches the inner more sensitive layer (dentin). If you are one of the millions of bleachers with custom trays made by your dentist, you are in luck. The simplest way to decrease […]

We See Kids

One of the unique features of the Goldstein Dental Center is that a parent and two kids can all be seen at the same time for their cleaning appointments. We are one of the few offices in the city with three experienced hygienists and the ability to treat fillings usually at the same time. Our […]

Drillist Tips, Techniques and Straight Talk For Dentists

If you’re like me, you have a hard time getting through all of the journals, newsletters, newspapers, and internet information each month. We are here to help. Our team has been reading, cultivating and condensing much of this information just for you. We’ve wrapped it up into small information bytes that you may read quickly; […]