Teeth Bleaching Sensitivity

Bleaching teeth is known to cause sensitivity. This happens since the “bleach” must

penetrate the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) before it bleaches the inner more

sensitive layer (dentin). If you are one of the millions of bleachers with custom trays

made by your dentist, you are in luck. The simplest way to decrease your sensitivity is

to place Sensodyne toothpaste into your custom trays and place them over your teeth.

The fluoride and potassium nitrate are wonderful desensitizers.

Wear your trays for at least 60 minutes a day for about a week, if your teeth are very

sensitive. If you are just sporadically bleaching, and your teeth are sensitive, then use

your tray for an hour before bleaching with the Sensodyne. Now bleach and then clean

the tray and place new Sensodyne for another 30 minutes to ensure your sensitivity is

controlled. You should feel relief, and be able to eat ice cream again!