Many Of Us Have Purchased Battery Operated Toothbrushes

Many of us have purchased battery operated toothbrushes. In fact, you may have saved the different brands or models that were advertised as outdated and they could be in that stuffed cabinet under your sink! Break em out, give them new life!

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Every brush, even the old ones, still clean your teeth usually better than the manual standard brush. So, switch them up. Use your Sonicare in the morning, keep your old Rotodent or Oral B / Braun in the shower, or by the tub, and use it in the evening. Each brush works in different ways and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The trick is that each cleans different areas of the tooth better than another brand. So you should actually get a better cleaner mouth by switching the brush you use!


Now, you can’t blow off FLOSSING, it is still one of the most important and best methods we have for cleaning between the teeth and avoiding cavities. If you are like me and hate to floss, do it while watching a tv, or in the bath or shower. A final suggestion would be to use the hand held flossers while driving. Just DO IT ! Also, we suggest the use of a tongue blade or tongue cleaning device to get rid of the awful sulphur producing bacteria on the back of the tongue that causes bad breath.


We are not fans of you spending hard earned extra money on mouth rinses. In fact, I do not even keep any at my sink. All you need is to brush twice daily (night time is the most important), floss once a day, and scrape your tongue daily.