Grinding Teeth

The stress of living in our society today has wreaked havoc on the teeth of America.
What does this mean? Take a look at your teeth and the ones surrounding you. If the
two front teeth are not longer than the two side teeth, then most likely you may have a
night grinding and clenching problem going on. Research has shown us that almost all
of us gnash and grit our teeth during sleep, its natural, like rapid eye movement. This
uncontrolled rubbing is wearing down the teeth, causing people to look older than they
actually are, and in many instances altering the jaw joint and causing pain. Your best
alternative to diminish or stop this from happening is to sleep in a custom-made plastic
grinding appliance from your dentist. You will still grind, but instead of wearing down
your beautiful teeth, you will wear down the plastic, thereby saving your enamel and
possibly eliminating any headaches, and muscle pain. See your dentist to be sure
what’s right for you.
(put photos of worn dentitions)
If you are experiencing jaw pain, headaches, muscle soreness, ringing in the ears or
tooth wear, you probably have some form of TMD, temporomandibular dysfunction.
Hopefully your discomfort is not to an uncomfortable level yet and you may have read
about using a plastic night grinding appliance. There are a number of them sold in drug
stores, usually very bulky, and ill fitting, but they may be a good starting point to be sure
you can actually sleep with something in your mouth, before investing in a custom
appliance made by your dentist. There are so many different styles and sizes, but
usually they range from the very small NTI and NiteBite, to the larger full arch style.
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