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" Dr. Goldstein is a wizard of dentistry. He corrected several problems in a few short hours and I left with a new, beautiful smile! Thank you!!!!!
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Quick, painless snore guards

Goldstein Dental Center Solutions

dr_imageSnore guards are thin guards that slide in over the top and bottom teeth and open your airway. In addition, they act as a grinding appliance to protect your teeth. Making these guards is as simple as having impressions made of your upper and lower teeth, which can be done with either regular materials or now with the digital camera, making it possible to avoid yucky material being placed in your mouth. These small appliances can help with simple snoring issues, as well as more advanced sleep apnea issues for patients who cannot sleep on CPAP machines. Call us today and see if you are a candidate. Your bedmate will appreciate it.

Sleep repairs your body: Your body's immune system is extra active with the production of healthy proteins during sleep.

Sleep keeps your heart healthy: Sleep can help reduce circulatory inflammation and keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

Sleep reduces stress: Sleep encourages relaxation and lower levels of stress hormones that damage you throughout the day.

Sleep improves your mood: Chronic sleep deprivation can make you moody and even lead to depression and anxiety disorders.