Month: August 2019

Your First Dental Visit

Many of our patients choose our office to have their teeth cleanings and then an exam by one of our dentists. During this visit we will access the health of your teeth and gums, listen to your concerns and help you to understand any needed therapy you may need. Our hygienists are amazing and passionate […]

What are Dental Implants?

Small titanium ‘screws’ are used when you have to replace a missing tooth. These are inserted into the bone of your jaw just like a screw is placed into a wall. The difference with these implant screws is that your bone begins to adhere to them after an 8 week healing period. The screw becomes […]

How long do dental implants last?

We believe that these tooth replacements should continue to last for decades. Naturally, you have to care for them just like natural teeth and clean them twice a day. Since these are tooth replacements, the tiny screw holding the tooth can get loose. If you ever feel any movement in your implant please see one […]