Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

Teeth Whitening / Teeth Bleaching


Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching are some of the quickest ways to enhance your smile.  Whitening your teeth is affordable in almost any budget and can be started in just one visit to the office.  Teeth whiting and teeth bleaching are usually used interchangeably but are slightly different in their definition.

Teeth Whitening – The process of physically removing stain from the teeth to lighten the shade and create a brighter appearance.  This is usually achieved from cleaning and polishing the teeth.

Teeth Bleaching – The process of chemically whitening the tooth from the inside.  Bleaching teeth involves whitening the dentin layer or second layer of the tooth by breaking bonds that cause yellowing.  Tooth bleaching can be done in a one hour in-office appointment or gradually over time.  Ask your dentist which bleaching style is best for your current situation.

When both procedures are done under the supervision of a dentist, they are safe and do not cause permanent damage.

What to expect

  • Teeth Whitening – The process of teeth whitening usually involves the dental hygienist using plaque removing devices such as an ultrasonic scraper and a polishing brush to remove stains from the teeth. This process is fairly quick but depends on the extent of the stains on the teeth and the amount of time the stains have been on the teeth.
  • In-Office Teeth Bleaching – The in-office teeth bleaching treatment usually takes one hour to complete. The lips are retracted and the gums around the teeth are covered with a protective rubber layer to prevent the strong bleach from touching the gums.  A series of applications of the bleach are applied to the teeth during the one hour session.  Sometimes it takes multiple bleaching appointments to reach the desired shade.  It is not uncommon for patients to have additional sensitivity during or after the procedure.  This sensitivity is not permanent and will get better with normal brushing of the teeth and fluoride use.  Sensitivity is usually worse for patients that have issues with sensitivity already.
  • Out of Office Teeth Bleach Trays can be made to fit the patients that would like to do a more gradual bleaching. The teeth bleaching material is purchased at the dental office and applied in each tray by the patient in their own time at home.  There are different levels of strengths that can be purchased.  Buying a stronger concentration of the bleach means wearing the trays for a shorter duration for each session.  Using a less strong concentration of bleach over a longer period of time can potentially cause less sensitiviy when compared to the stronger concentrations over a shorter duration of time

Our Products

  • In-Office Teeth BleachingLuna White Plus
  • Out of Office Teeth Bleaching – Opalescence (10%, 15%, 20% and 35%)

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